Unique Ways To Ship Your Car Across the Country

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Shipping a car across the country is not an easy task, but there are some unique ways to do it! Shipping by sea or air is possible, depending on your location. If you’re shipping domestically, then rail might be more cost-efficient. However, if you’re shipping along the coast – say from California to Alaska – you will most likely need a container ship for ocean transport. But you also have the option of air freight. Some challenges can arise when you hire a professional driver to transport your car. There are regulations in shipments and the potential for damage during transit. In this article, we’ll go over some of the modes of transport, so you have an idea of what steps need to be taken before deciding which type of shipment is best for your needs.

Shipping By Rail

Having your car shipped across the country by rail is pretty much the same as having it transported by truck or trailer. Because it’s a similar platform, just with different routes. The most significant difference is that trailers can go anywhere and trains cannot.

Shipping by rail is generally cheaper and more convenient. But because trains restrict loading and unloading to stations, that means you won’t have the option of door-to-door delivery. You’ll have to drop off and pick up your car on your own unless you hire a shipper to do it for you. Of course, that means additional costs.

However, shipping by rail is becoming more popular even with this limitation. It can be a more cost-efficient option over long distances. In fact, more and more train lines are offering auto shipping services. And for the sake of costs, door-to-door delivery isn’t a necessity. You can always ask a trusted friend or family member to help you out.

Shipping by Rail

Shipping By Air

The most expensive option to ship your car is only done when you really have no time to spare and a lot of loose cash. It’s not just the costs of the actual air freight but all the complications of regulations, insurance, and other paperwork. The upside is that you can get your car shipped within hours since a coast-to-coast flight only takes about 4-5 hours. So from loading to unloading, you’ll get your car back at the end of the day.

The good news is ironic because shipping by air is actually the safest method of shipping a car. This is probably why most of the cars that go through air freight are exotics and luxury vehicles. In other words, owners can afford the exuberant fees.

Air freight has the most strict regulations compared to other shipping methods. That’s why it’s the safest way to ship an exotic. There are no potholes or reckless drivers in the sky, so you won’t have those worries floating in your mind when you ship by air.

Shipping by Air

Shipping By Sea

Shipping by sea can be the longest method of shipping a car, but for particular situations, it’s the best or only option. The only reason you’ll consider shipping your car by sea is if you’re shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. And it’s not like you have much choice when it comes to Hawaii.

Although it is convenient, it does have a few drawbacks. Shipping by sea can potentially tax a car, especially if it’s not adequately protected against the sea air. Of course, marine lines that offer auto shipping will ensure your car doesn’t get wet. You also have to consider the humid sea air that is also filled with potential rust-inducing molecules.

The advantage, though, is that it’s much cheaper than having it shipped by air. And although there are also regulations you need to follow, it’s not as strict as air freight. But you’ll have to make sure your car is prepared for the journey because it can take a while. And being exposed to the elements will take a toll on your vehicle.

Shipping by Sea

Keeping It Simple

Although the unique ways of shipping a car are growing in the industry, sometimes going back to the tried and true is the most logical decision. Of course, the best advice is to do your own research and make sure to discuss your options with auto shippers that offer various methods. Gather as much information as you can before you make a decision. And always remember that at the end of the day, it’s really your needs that matter most. So do what is best for you and your car.

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