Best Additional Cargo Storage Ideas For Hatchbacks

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Imagine this: The weather’s excellent, perfect to go out and about. You and your family plan to go on a trip to relax and spend some quality time together. You’ve packed all essentials and everything else you want to bring. Now it’s time to load the cargo.

But then, you realize there’s more baggage than what your hatchback’s trunk can accommodate. What a bummer! So you have to unpack the not-so-needed things and leave them behind to fit your remaining stuff at the back of the car.

Troublesome, isn’t it? Luckily, there are many solutions to this problem. Check these cargo storage ideas suitable for your hatchbacks that you can prepare beforehand.

Why Consider a Hatchback?

There are typically two choices when buying a compact car, a hatchback and a sedan. Through the years, the latter remains more popular than its counterpart. However, it may not be the case for long as more people entertain hatchbacks. 

But why are hatchbacks becoming more prominent? It all comes down to practicality. With hatchbacks, you can have the comfort and performance you need for everyday use at an affordable price. In addition to this, it requires less maintenance, has better fuel efficiency, and has extra storage space than the usual cars.

Best Cargo Storage Ideas

It’s a hassle when you lack space in your trunk. Although it’s unavoidable due to storage restrictions, there are also many ways to increase the capacity.

Rooftop Carriers

Rooftop carriers are a common sight nowadays. Although you might think they’re not fashionable, the opposite is true. With the advancement of technology and design, carriers now look more stylish than ever while still providing you more space to hoist some luggage.

Types of Rooftop Carriers

In a broader sense, there are two kinds of rooftop carriers: soft and hard. Regardless, they both offer the same level of security and leeway for your baggage.

Soft rooftop carriers are lighter and easier to install and remove from your hatchback’s roof. Examples are bags, which you can fasten using reliable tie-down systems and strong hooks. They don’t need a roof rack, making them a good choice if you can’t get your hands on one. However, make sure to choose water-resistant bags in case of rain. Further, soft carriers are prone to wear, and the straps can damage your window weather-stripping after a while. Moreover, if these carriers become too stuffed, it can affect your car’s aerodynamics, resulting in more fuel consumption and driving difficulties.

Meanwhile, hard rooftop carriers like boxes and baskets come with a racking system, unlike the soft ones. If you’re transporting valuable items, hard carriers will serve you since they are more secure. The difference between boxes and baskets is their protection against the elements. Boxes are more reliable because they surround your luggage inside a hard shell. However, they cut down your gas mileage because they get in the way of the wind, unlike baskets. Finally, expect to pay more for boxes.

There are two kinds of rooftop carriers: soft and hard.


Have you thought that maybe your trunk is, in fact, spacious? But then, every time you load something, you always seem to have less room than you’ve imagined. Sometimes, it’s not the storage area that’s the problem, instead of how you organize things. If you’ve had enough of this, maybe it’s time you buy organizers. They will optimize the space and put things in their order. You’ll probably not encounter any problem looking for organizers, as they sell them in supermarkets and online.


Biking is a fun activity. However, when you need to move your bicycle by car, you might find it frustrating to cram the bike in the trunk. But save your worries. Bike racks are here, and they are sure to solve that issue for you.

There are three distinct types of bike racks on the market:

Roof Racks

Some hatchbacks have ample space on their roofs for racks. In this case, roof racks are perfect for you. It is relatively easy to mount the bike, and safety is not a concern. You have two options for this kind of rack: detach the front wheel or not. You lower the height and lessen the bike’s weight without the front wheel, but this option is difficult for bicycles with disc brakes. You can mount the whole bike instead, although it may slightly affect stability. Don’t forget to keep a heads-up when entering a garage.

Hitch Racks

In simple words, hitch racks go to the hitch of the car. It is the most practical among the three boasting high stability and an easy-to-install manner. Compared to roof racks, you will not need to lift your bike over your head, as you will only raise it a little onto the trays.

Trunk Racks

Trunk racks are generally the least expensive, lightest, and most transportable choice. Strapping doesn’t take long to master but be careful. There are chances of the pedals and wheels scratching your hatchback’s paint.

For racks, there are three types: roof, hatch, trunk.

Choosing the Right Storage Solution

Hatchbacks already have a great storage capacity. However, there are times that you require more space for more baggage. When that happens, just remember all the ingenious cargo storage ideas above.

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